Our Place

our place

Our Place- Submission for the Borrowed Wall Art Prize, to be painted on the wall of the Liverpool City Library

To create Our Place, I collected the portraits and stories of people in Liverpool, Australia; my local community.  Amongst the faces, you’ll see Nary and Linda, who volunteer at the Liverpool Knitters Group, providing soft toys for sick children and woollen essentials for breast cancer survivors. There’s also Tony, the president of the Liverpool Genealogy Society, who explained the importance of knowing where you come from. Amos and Sonntag, two musicians at the Liverpool Street University, encouraged me as I observed their artistic journeys, just as I begin mine. I was inspired by Phillip, a blind street musician and immigrant from Vietnam. Our Place is a tiny sample of the massive amounts of community knowledge, stories and experiences we have here in Liverpool. The Library allows us to come together and learn from one another, to share our knowledge and discover our place.

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